There are a lot of ways to contribute to the Athens project and being a maintainer is only one of those paths. Maintainers on the Athens Project are expected to devote roughly five hours a week to the development and maintenance of the project. Their responsibilities include:

  • Help organize our development meetings (i.e. help organize the agenda)
  • Promote the project and build community (e.g. present on it where possible, write about it, …) when possible2
  • Triage issues (e.g. adding labels, promoting discussions, finalizing decisions)
  • Organize and promote PR reviews (e.g. prompting community members, contributors, and other maintainers to review)
  • Help foster a safe and welcoming environment for all project participants. This will include enforcing our code of conduct. We adhere to the Contributor Covenant, if you haven’t read it yet you can do so here (english version).

We’d love to have your partnership in building Athens, but it is a statement to the commitment that a project of Athens’ size and complexity demands. If that appeals to you join us on Slack.

Benefits of being a maintainer

  • Free access to GitHub CoPilot
  • A rewarding sense of accomplishment
  • Fun, complex work in a safe and collaborative environment
  • Access to very smart people

Contributing without maintaining

If maintaining Athens isn’t something you can do, we’re always looking for people to:

  • Develop features
  • Patch bugs
  • Triage issues
  • Provide support

You don’t need to do anything other than visit our GitHub page to do all of the above!

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