Install on Google App Engine

Google App Engine (GAE) is a Google service allows applications to be deployed without provisioning the underlying hardware. It is similar to Azure Container Engine which is covered in a previous section. This guide will demonstrate how you can get Athens running on GAE.

Selecting a Storage Provider

There is documentaion about how to use environment variables to configure a large number of storage providers; however, for this prarticular example we will use Google Cloud Storage(GCS) because it fits nicely with Cloud Run.

Before You Begin

This guide assumes you have completed the following tasks:

  • Signed up for Google Cloud
  • Installed the gcloud command line tool

Setup a GCS Bucket

If you do not already have GCS bucket you can set one up using the gsutil tool.

First select a global region you would like to have your storage in. You can then create a bucket in that region using the following command substituting your in your region and bucket name.

$ gsutil mb -l europe-west-4 gs://some-bucket


First clone the Athens repository

$ git clone

There is already a Google Application Engine scaffold set up for you. Copy it into a new file and make changes to the environment variables.

$ cd athens
$ cp scripts/gae/app.sample.yaml scripts/gae/app.yaml
$ code scripts/gae/app.yaml

Once you have configured the environment variables you can deploy Athens as a GAE service.

$ make deploy-gae
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