Proxying a checksum database API

Proxying A Checksum DB

The Athens Proxy has the ability to proxy a Checksum Database as defined by this proposal by the Go team.

Athens by default will accept proxying However, if you’d like to override that behavior or proxy more Checksum DBs you can do so through the SumDBs config or its equivalent Environment Variable: ATHENS_SUM_DBS

So for example, if you run the following command:

GOPROXY=<athens-url> go build

The Go command will proxy requests to like this: <athens-url>/sumdb/ Feel free to read the linked proposal above for the exact requests that makes Athens successfully proxy Checksum DB APIs.

Note that as of this documentation (May 2019), you need to explicitly set GOSUMDB=, but the Go team is planning on enabling this by default.

Why a Checksum DB?

The reasons for needing a Checksum DB is explained in the linked proposal above. However, the reasons for proxying a Checksum DB are more explained below.

Why Proxy a Checksum DB?

This is quite important. Say you are a company that is running an Athens instance, and you don’t want the world to know about where your repositories live. For example, say you have a private repo under In order to ensure that the Go client does not send a request to and therefore leaking your private import path to the public, you need to ensure that you tell Go to skip particular import paths as such:* go build

This will make sure that Go does not send any requests to the Checksum DB for your private import paths. However, how can you ensure that all of your employees are building private code with the right configuration?

Athens, in this case can help ensure that all private code flowing through it never goes to the Checksum DB. So as long as your employees are using Athens, then they will get a helpful reminder to ensure Their GONOSUMDB is rightly configured.

As the Athens company maintainer, you can run Athens with the following configuration:

NoSumPatterns = ["*] # or comma separted env var: ATHENS_GONOSUM_PATTERNS

This will ensure that when Go sends a request to <athens-url/sumdb/>, Athens will return a 403 and failing the build ensuring that the client knows something is not configured correctly and also never leaking those import paths

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