Configuring Upstream Proxy to use an Upstream Go Modules Repository

By default, Athens fetches module code from an upstream VCS like, but this can be configured to use a Go modules repository like GoCenter or another Athens Server.

  1. Create a filter file (e.g /usr/local/lib/FilterForGoCenter) with letter D (stands for “direct access”) in first line. For more details, please refer to documentation on - Filtering Modules

    # FilterFile for fetching modules directly from upstream
  2. If you are not using a config file, create a new config file (based on the sample and edit values to match your environment). Additionally in the current or new config file, set the following parameters as suggested:

    FilterFile = "/usr/local/lib/FilterForGoCenter"
    GlobalEndpoint = "https://<url_to_upstream>"
    # To use GoCenter for example, replace <url_to_upstream> with
    # You can also use to use the Go Module mirror
  3. Restart Athens specifying the updated current or new config file.

     <path_to_athens>/proxy  -config_file <path-to updated  current or new configfile>
  4. Verify the new configuration using the steps mentioned in “Try out Athens” document, and go through the same walkthrough example.

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